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"Besides being a coach and autonomy trainer, I'm also an active listener, unblocker, eye opener and challenger.“

Christine Edenstrasser is an autonomy trainer, passionate coach, and citizen of the world with roots in Tyrol.

She utilises internationally recognised methods and approaches including The Work with the Inner Adult according to Dr Bock®, currently the most innovative method in coaching to understand and overcome mental self-sabotage.

Additional methods include Autonomy Training, a highly effective approach for leading a self-determined life, as well as her "Walk & Coach“ programme, a special sporty option in which Edenstrasser uses movement in nature as a backdrop for the topics of her clients.

Coaching topics

  • Processes of professional & private change
  • Excessive demands/lack of challenge/supposed depression
  • Dealing with change-management processes
  • Career & life planning
  • Advancing a field of responsibility/company
  • Coming to grips with a position of leadership/task
  • Burnout & burnout prevention
  • Separation in private and professional life including redundancy, divorce and death
  • Coexistence of career, children & love
  • Potential of love & partnership

She lives and works at her private residence near Kitzbühel and offers regular coaching sessions in Munich, Vienna and South Tyrol.

Just recently the editor of La Loupe Magazine, Julia Skaderassy, paid Christine Edenstrasser a visit at her beautiful home. They talked about personal success strategies, the "walk & coach" method and many other interesting topics.

Please read the full interview here.

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Kochhöfe near Kitzbühel